Friday, October 9, 2009

Baby Headband

I made this for my baby, it's very easy!

Step 1: Ready a stretchable headband, any color you like.

Step 2: Place an "Iron on patch" cartoon on the headband and press with iron.

Here you go, the baby headband is ready, try it now!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

EASTER DAY- Honey Bunny Bookmark

Try to do this cool bookmark :)

Tools and Materials:
Honey bunny bookmark template
Thick paper
Self-seal laminate sheets
Scissors or utility knife
White chenille pipe cleaners
Wire clippers
Hole punch
Photo of child

Honey Bunny Bookmark How-To:
1. Print Honey bunny bookmark template onto thick paper.
2. Laminate both sides of paper using self-seal laminate sheets.
3. Cut out bookmark.
4. Wrap white chenille stems around arms, ears, and head of cutout.
5. Clip with wire clippers, and tuck in ends when finished.
6. To make the head, use an inch and a half hole punch to make a disk from the same sheet of paper used to cut out the template.
7. Use hole punch to make a hole in center of the disk.
8. Twist white chenille pipe cleaners through hole in disk.
9. Cut out picture of child using inch and a half hole punch.
10. Apply glue to back of photo and attach photo to disk.
11. Apply glue to edge of disk and attach to body.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cloth Headband

Try making this DIY headband using cloth.

There’s a free tutorial by Heather Bailey where she teaches you step by step how to make a cloth headband. Heather Bailey is a superdy duper creative designer who sews awesome items for sale. She does like pillow covers, pillows, crafts things and many many more.

Suede Stool Cover

Giving your stool a 'NEW LOOK', try this!

Create custom seating from simple off-the-rack supplies. Unfinished stools were painted glossy black, then covered with foam disks and fabric circles.
Tools and Materials:
2/3 yard of fabric per cover (you can get 2 covers if you are using 45-inch-wide fabric)
Ballpoint pen
1-inch-thick foam rubber
Utility knife2/3 yard of polyester batting
Hole punch
2 yards of matching 1/4-inch cord

Stool Cover How-To:

1. Using a ballpoint pen, trace the top of the stool (these dimensions are for a 13-inch-diameter stool) onto the foam rubber; cut out with utility knife.
2. From the batting, which will soften the edges of the foam, cut a 17-inch circle. Cut a 20-inch circle of fabric, and punch holes about every inch along the circumference, about 1/2 inch in from the edge.
3. Lace the cord through the holes. Place the foam and then the batting on the stool, and cover with the fabric; cinch and tie the cord.

Candy Topiary

This is absolutely cool idea for any events and functions, I plan to make this on coming X'mas. To create Dylan Lauren's beautiful candy topiary, follow these steps:

Tools and Materials:

7-inch flower pot

6-inch Styrofoam ball

Styrofoam cone (18 inches tall by 6 inches wide)

18-inch-long, 3/4-inch-diameter dowel (stained)

4 to 5 bags of assorted fun-size candy bars

1 pound of twist wrapped candies

Hot-glue gunGlue sticks

Candy Topiary


1. Place Styrofoam ball inside flower pot.

2. Force dowel through Styrofoam ball inside flower pot. Poke hole into cone.

3. Add glue to dowel and affix cone to dowel.

4. Make sure glue gun is on low setting; a high setting will crinkle wrapper.

5. Begin attaching first row of candy to bottom of cone.

6. Make sure all wrappers line up and that they extend about 1/2 inch below base of cone. Hold candy in place until it is secured to cone.

7. Start second row of candy: Apply glue toward top of wrapper, making sure there is a slight overlap between first and second row of candy (like roof shingles).

8. Continue gluing candy in rows around cone all the way to the top. When cone is completely covered with candy, fill bottom of pot with wrapped candies of your choice (such as Bit O' Honey, Jolly Ranchers, Laffy Taffy, or Double Bubble Gum).

9. If giving as a gift, wrap finished topiary in cellophane and top with a ribbon.

Special ThanksSpecial thanks to Dylan Lauren of Dylan's Candy Bar.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Apple Prints

Crafts enthusiasts have long known that a potato can be cut in half, carved into a stamp, and used to decorate everything from cards to cloth. Another idea is to use an apple and allow its natural shape to be the dominant decorative motif. Simply cut the apple in half from top to bottom, press the flesh side against a paper towel to absorb any excess moisture, and cover that side using an ink pad in the color of your choice. You can use this apple on bags, cards, book covers, or virtually any surface of your choice. Be sure to hold the apple down firmly and apply equal pressure to the top and sides. Reapply ink after each application. Once the image has dried, you can use a paint marker to add a stem and leaf.

If you want a thicker image, you can brush fabric paint onto the surface of the apple. Set the paint by allowing it to dry, placing a press cloth over the image, and using an iron set on medium.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Swiss Roll

This is my March Project - Swiss Roll (made by felt). I have this idea from a craft book, 1 month later I found the step by step from a website and follow the insruction to complete the first 'FELT CAKE'. There will be more in future.

However, I made this as baby girl (Grace) 1 year old birthday present. She is little cute girl that my mum taking care now.